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Your Top 10 BEST Reasons to Start your VERY OWN Home-Based Business Training is on its way to

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How to Package & Sell What You

Know | Love | Do!

In a time of frightening uncertainty, the time
has never been better to invest in building a
stable future for you and your family.

~ Working with Jackie will change your life... ~

The Top 10 Reasons To Start Your Own Home-Based Business & Why You Should Do It Now! Free training is ALREADY yours!

...but, there is more! Times are changing, and the world as we once knew it will be no more as we continue to shift from “brick and mortar” to “pointing and clicking” to get the goods and services we want and need. You have two immediate choices: 

 (1) Be prepared, or
(2) Be left behind!

Jackie's Golden Bundle Basic master training will teach you how to maximize your professional experience, expertise, and education to create products (books, webinars, online courses, coaching & consulting) using what you already know | love | do
-- there's no need to go back to school to learn how to do this.

This is for you if:

1. You feel trapped in a very stressful 9-5 job.

2. You are tired of building someone else's dream.

3. You have always wanted to start your own business, but you are stuck.

4. You don't know how to get started.


YES, Jackie! Give Me Instant Access To 
The Golden Bundle Basic Training RIGHT NOW For Just $997.00!

  • Instant Access To The "How To Package & Sell What You
    Know | Love | Do!" eBook
     (Value $19.99)

  • Full Access To The "How To Package & Sell What You Know | Love | Do! Mini Masterclass" (Value $2,500.00)

  • Instant Access To Jackie Golden’s Top 10 Resources for Branding & Selling (Value $197)

  • Discover My #1 Secret Formula: "What Happens When You Do 'This' – The Cure for Procrastination" Newsletter  (Value $19.99)

  • Access To Exclusive Facebook Community Membership (PRICELESS!)

  • ​A One-to-One 60-minute Consultation w/Jackie (Value $1,000)

  • Total Value: $3,736.98

    Today Just $997

    “Allow Me to Show You My Exact "Step-By-Step" Method on How To Build Your OWN Home-Based Business Packaging & Selling Your Existing Knowledge!”

    Here's EVERYTHING You Get When You Say YES Today!

    How To Package & Sell What You
    Know | Love | Do!

    Ever get tired of people telling you about where they are, and when you ask how did you get there, they tell you what they did, but they don’t tell you how they did it? 

    This eBook tells you not only what Jackie did to build her coaching/consulting business – it tells you what she did step by step. If you want to build a coaching or consulting business from scratch, read each word, each phrase, sentence, paragraph, and chapter. 

    You will be well on your way as you implement each step.

    How To Package & Sell What You 
    Know | Love | Do! Mini Masterclass

    In this 5-hour intimate and interactive mini Masterclass, Jackie takes her time and breaks down the steps to take to build your own time-rich coaching/consulting business by packaging and selling what you doyour knowledge and education, gifts and talents, specialized training and volunteer work. 

    You will learn step by step just how to build the framework for your business as you implement the steps over time. To get the most out of this session: 

    (1) Find a quiet place and eliminate all distractions.

    (2) Follow along -- pause, rewind, play (take your time). 

    (3) Take notes.

    (4) Complete the exercises with us. 

    (4) Break when we break.

    (5) Do not rush.

    (6) Implement away!

    (7) Join the exclusive Facebook group to get your questions answered.

    ...do these things, and you will be well on your way in understanding the basic steps you need to follow to build the framework for your coaching/consulting business.

    Jackie Golden’s Top 10 Resources for Branding & Selling

    Are you going at it alone?

    “Been There” can tell “Going There” how to get there. And, Going There can get there faster by following in the footsteps that led Been There to their desired destination. 

    Stop wishing and hoping and learn what the “successful” are doing.

    This Top 10 List is what got Jackie to her current place called “THERE!”

    How To Package & Sell What You
    Know | Love | Do!

    I’ll do it later. 

    I’ll get to it. Are you familiar with these words? Learn how to put procrastination on the back burner and get your “it” done once and for all.


    The secret is revealed here – access it now!

    Free Exclusive Facebook Community Membership

    Trying to coach yourself and working in isolation are two primary pitfalls for entrepreneurs. The antidote begins with accountability from those who have your same ambition level or higher. 

    The Eagles Community is a growing community of gifted and talented, sharp, knowledge-packed, wisdom-filled, and focused women and men who are action takers, go-getters and go-givers who are ready to impact and serve the world at a higher level using what they already know | love | do. 

    This is a place where “upper thinkers” reside and engage in "elevated conversation." Members of this community call themselves Eagles. Why? Because Eagles fly high to determine strategies to combat the issues they encounter below. People in this community do not remain stuck and give into fear, doubt, and unbelief. They make things happen! You want to be in the room....

    Client Results -- in their own words...

    "Jackie Golden is an amazing thought leader and business coach. Her strategies, systems and solutions generate life changing results. Her witty inspiration energizes, empowers, motivates and transforms others. I highly recommend her."

    ~ Gwendolyn

    Before I worked with Jackie I was struggling with organization and focus to create a new product for my business. As a result of her coaching I have been able to organize my time and work consistently allocating time for specific tasks. And, very important, to conscientiously use my words to my desirable outcome.

    Thank you so much Jackie, you have made a world of difference in my life.

    ~ Kalyani

    Happy New Year!! I want to say thank you so much for all you taught me this year! I learned so much in a short period of time. I met Jackie this Spring and after my 6 weeks training, I started my business this Summer. Jackie showed me how to start my business, create my strategy questions, get my funnel page/landing page developed,

    Facebook page and my website developed. I wrote 4 e-books, started my business this Summer and had my first client booked in July and my second client in August. Both of those programs were this Fall and very successful. I would not have be able to do it without her help. Currently I am getting my professional life coach certification and diversity equity inclusion certification as well... Both of which I will add to my business!!! Thanks Jackie for all you did!!!!

    ~ Javonda

    Thank you Jackie Golden for deciding to become my business coach. From your coaching I reached that lightbulb turning on in my head moment. My eyes are now open to the enormous possibilities of my own experiences, talents, and expertise.


    Looking forward to our continued partnership. God Bless you and your work! You’re literally changing lives!

    ~ Rocky

    Hello Grand Master Coach Leader,

    Just wanted to express my gratitude for everything you have contributed to my life and career evolution as part of your business course.

    This evening I was invited to participate on a panel to an undergraduate class at a local university along with other Human Resources professionals. 

    When I was asked to introduce myself my “Who,What,Who” rolled off my tongue like a finely tuned melody. Being well prepared and able to deliver my intro in this manner gave me such confidence and set me up for success with the rest of my presentation. Because it is personal and meaningful and therefore internalized I could deliver it with conviction and ease. As a result one of the other panel participants stated at the end of the session that she now knows that I am the person she will contact to develop her own executive coaching business. 

    Real time proof what you teach works!

    Thank you soooo much Dr. Golden"

    ~ Charla

    I began working with Dr. Jackie Golden in January 2020. Before working with Jackie, I knew I wanted to change my life and grow my business but was too overwhelmed and uncertain to make it happen. Jackie encouraged and motivated me while giving me actionable steps to put systems in place to push my business forward. 

    As a result of working with Jackie, I have clarity around my gifts and I have learned to stand in my value. Since working with Jackie, I have revamped (increased) my prices, achieved a televised media segment, obtained new clients, and implemented an effective new marketing strategy, all while overcoming a major personal crisis. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with Jackie. 

    I can honestly say I would not have had those accomplishments without guidance from her. She was instrumental in changing my mindset and self-talk. I know that my life will not be the same because of the impact she has had on me. 

    I strongly encourage anyone who is considering working with Jackie to make the investment!

    ~ Keena

    Before attending Jackie’s How To Package & Sell What You Know | Love | Do! webinar, I didn’t think I could market my business at a higher price point. As a result of attending the webinar, I better understood the market value of my business and was able to successfully sell my first package at a 25% higher price point.

    ~ Susan

    I met Jackie in January! She is consistently raising the bar of excellence with the people she interacts with. Her engagement is genuine, thought provoking and positive. If you are looking for consistent support that makes a difference in your life then look no further and sign up today!

    ~ Linda

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    No Worries. The Product Comes With A

    You have nothing to lose!

    ...complete all the training, 

    make all the moves, and do all the work. 

    If you do not see tangible results in 30 days, 

    we'll give you your money back.

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