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We Believe In Teaching The Exact System We Use To Help Professionals Leverage Their Knowledge & Expertise To Build Their Own Coaching/Consulting Program In 6 Weeks

This program is for women and men who want to package their knowledge into high-ticket services as a virtual educator, coach, consultant, speaker, trainer, author, or influencer both online or offline.

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"Dr. Golden has helped me tremendously through her program. It feels like I have obtained the degree I felt that I was always supposed to have when I graduated college. Through her program, light bulbs started clicking off on about who I am and who I am supposed to serve on earth."


"Jackie let me know that she started where I am and that you don't have to have your business, product, or service. She walked me through her process and showed me how I can take nothing and make something."

Dr. Keena

"I would not be where I am with my business if it were not for her guidance and encouragement. Jackie is a wealth of knowledge in terms of business and systems. As a result of working with Jackie, I was able to take actionable steps into my daily routine to make the changes that I needed to see in my business. I've built my premium products, I have systems in place to attract premium, high quality clients, and that is thanks to Jackie."


"Jackie tapped into my creative side - we connected music and movement together, and I have a whole lot of fresh ideas just from our conversation."

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Results may vary based on each person’s preparation, engagement, and implementation. There is no guarantee of specific results. Individual results will vary and are based on how well you apply every step in the process without skipping steps.