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Want Me To Help You Package, Price, Pitch, Position, & Sell What You Know So You Can Start A Successful Coaching or Consulting Business?

Here's Your Chance To Leave Your Cubicle or Office & 

End a Daily Commute To Start A Profitable & Scalable Business!

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What Others Have To Say About

Working With Jackie

Dr. Shalando

"Working with Dr. Golden, I learned how to assess all that I have to offer and the transformation my clients will undergo as a result of participating in my program. After I learned Dr. Golden's strategy, my package became power packed. I was excited to promote it. I learned her strategy and the number of engagements on my social media account increased. Dr. Golden will help you structure your program so that you can actually provide a service that helps to transform lives in the way that she's transformed mine."


"Jackie has provided me with a ton of information that has catapulted me to the next level in my business... she has helped me package the very thing that I love so that I can sell it. I have moved on to the next level, and I'll be working with Jackie for years to come."


"Dr. Golden has helped me tremendously through her program. It feels like I have obtained the degree I felt that I was always supposed to have when I graduated college. Through her program, light bulbs started clicking off on about who I am and who I am supposed to serve on earth."


"Jackie let me know that she started where I am and that you don't have to have your business, product, or service. She walked me through her process and showed me how I can take nothing and make something."

Dr. Keena

"I would not be where I am with my business if it were not for her guidance and encouragement. Jackie is a wealth of knowledge in terms of business and systems. As a result of working with Jackie, I was able to take actionable steps into my daily routine to make the changes that I needed to see in my business. I've built my premium products, I have systems in place to attract premium, high quality clients, and that is thanks to Jackie."


"Jackie tapped into my creative side - we connected music and movement together, and I have a whole lot of fresh ideas just from our conversation."

Click Here To Apply for a NO-COST Strategy Session With Jackie

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